Three Steps to Becoming a Private Art Collector in Miami

Collecting art has been a passion for many art lovers, stretching back generations, from early Greek vase lovers to modern connoisseurs of 20th century art. Many celebrities have art collections of their own including George Lindemann Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio, and even Beyonce and Jay-Z, who have even been spotted at the Art Basel Miami in recent years. Obviously, becoming a well-known art collector in Miami will not happen overnight, but by following a few basic steps lets one start enjoying a beautiful art collection of your own.

1. Research

Art is a serious hobby. The topic is incredibly broad, and even experts in a given field rarely claim they know everything. That said, those who want to collect art usually have a certain type, era, or style that speaks to them the most. The first step for a collector is to learn as much as possible about that their favorite art, in order to understand the relative value of each piece they will see, and be able to converse easily with other collectors.

2. Understand Your Own Objectives

Everyone will have their own reasons for wanting to become an art collector. Some do it out of passion, others see it as an investment opportunity. Those who are thinking about it in terms of an investment need to take time before starting out to develop a strong business plan, budget, and objectives.

3. Network

Networking is not just critical for business, it is also an essential piece of the art world’s fabric. George Lindemann may be one of the best-known art collectors in South Florida, but there are many others as well, and several galleries and museums where people can learn more about famous and desirable pieces. Wynwood and the Design District may be among the best-known but the entire city now is filled with galleries and shows. Events and galleries are also opportunities to mingle and learn from the stars of the Miami art collection scene. Many new collectors will use their networks to host a debut show then they are ready to join the scene.

Pulling It All Together

Miami is a city steeped in beautiful art, making it a great place for new and aspiring art lovers. The important thing is to know not just about the art world but also one’s own objectives in growing the collection. Afterwards, the best thing is to get out and make it happen.

American Repertory Theater’s 2017 Gala

Earlier this year, The Board of Trustees of the American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) held their annual theater gala at the Wang Theatre in Boston. An article from states the gala raised a record 1.3 million dollars that are used in “support of the theater’s artistic, community, and education programs.” The gala was held earlier this year on February 27, when nearly 500 supporters were in attendance along with celebrities.

The gala raised the 1.3 million dollars primarily through its annual auction. Some of the items in the auction included “a walk-on role in Waitress on Broadway, tickets to Hello Dolly! on Broadway and Barbra Streisand’s concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and a London West End package including The Glass Menagerie with Cherry Jones and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” In addition to the auction, special contributions were made by sponsors such as Boston Magazine and the Martignetti Companies.

Aside from the auction, the gala also featured celebrities such as Laura Michelle Kelly (star of Finding Neverland at A.R.T. and on Broadway), Michael Luwoye (star of Hamilton), and even Yo-Yo-Ma (acclaimed cellist). Other distinguished guests included Diane Paulus (A.R.T. Artistic Director), Diane Quinn (A.R.T. Executive Director), Island Capital Group Chairman and CEO Andrew Farkas, and Rakesh Khurana (Harvard College Dean). These are just only a few names from the academic and artistic community that were present. Also included were multiple CEOs from the business world.

One of the highlights of the evening went to longtime A.R.T. Board Member RoAnn Costin, who was awarded the annual Angel Award. There even was a video tribute shown honoring her “countless contributions to the Greater Boston arts community.” Costin accepted the award and went on to say “…A.R.T. make us see and feel the lives and cultures that are familiar and unfathomable, funny and painful, real and raw.”

Since its founding in 1980, the A.R.T. has been “a leading force in the American theater, producing groundbreaking work in Cambridge and beyond.” The A.R.T. has received numerous awards and accolades throughout its history. Some of these awards include Tony Awards, a Pulitzer Prize, and a Jujamcyn Prize among others. In summing up what the A.R.T. is all about, the article describes it perfectly by stating “…the A.R.T. is dedicated to producing world-class performances in which the audience is central to the theatrical experience.”

Momo Captures 2017 Rolex Maxi 72 World Yachting Championships

The 2017 Rolex Maxi 72 World Yachting Championships were held off of Puerto Certo, Italy and in the end it was the German skipper Dieter Schon and his crew of the Momo who captured the title. This years contest was run in conjunction with the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup and the competition ended up being the closest ever run.

Heading into the final day of the contest, Schon and Momo held a slim 2.75 point lead over the second place hull in Cannonball that was captained by Dario Ferrari. The two yachts went neck and neck on that last day and in the end it was Momo coming out on top by a single point. The top four entrants in the competition were only separated by two points.

Schon was nothing but joy after the grueling contest.

‘We feel really good and we are really happy and proud to win here finally. After last season we improved a lot of details in our boat and as a team. Very small things multiply to make you quicker’ said Schon afterwards.

All of the classes that run this year in the Rolex Maxi 72 World Yachting Championships faced strong winds but also was able to compete against windward-leeward conditions in some cases. International Maxi Association President Thomas Bscher added that the ‘week was fabulous with very good conditions. Strong winds, no swell, no waves. There was a little room for improvement on the organization side and we are trying to support the officials because we want people to come back and we want to increase the number of boats’.

Some of the other trophies that were awarded were the Commodore Alberini Perpetual Trophy which went to Will Apold who is the owner of the Sorceress and awards to the top scoring IMA members. The Momo was awarded the Maxi 72 Overall trophy. In the Wally class, David Leuschen’s Galateia took first place.

Well known collectors of art in Miami

Miami is known for many things. The metropolitan Floridian city draws millions of visitors each year that flock to it for its vibrant assortment of nightclubs, its perennially sunny weather and its beaches. But there is much more to Miami than meets the eye. The city is more than just beautiful people and amazing restaurants. It is also home to a thriving visual art community that some might say even rivals that of New York City.

Each year the city plays host to Miami Art Basel, one of the largest visual art fairs in the world. Miami’s art scene is much more than Art Basel. Its cluster of galleries and art collections make it a must-see destination for any art lover. The city is home to a number of notable people who have amassed art collections that are available to the public. Some of the art collectors that have chosen to base either their collections or themselves in the Miami area include rapper and producer Pharrell Williams and Martin Marguiles.

Martin Marguiles is a real estate developer and an avid art collector who has amassed an art collection that is worth at least $800 million according to the visual art publication ARTNews. According to the publication Marguiles sees art collecting as a way to express his personality. His collection of art made by contemporary artists from Europe and the United States is so vast that he created a non-profit called The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse to offer educational programs to the local community, to house the collection and to serve as an exhibition space for it. The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse is based in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District not to far from George Lindemann Jr..

Another well-known art collector that reportedly has a collection that is also housed in the Miami area is musician and producer Pharrell Williams. Pharrell Williams is best known for his work as a producer of some of the greatest songs in hip-hop and pop music such as Happy, Britney Spears Slave 4 U and Justin Timberlake’s Like I Love You but he is also an art enthusiast. He has exhibited work at the Miami Art Basel with the famous Japanese artist Takeshi Murakami according to Artnet. According to the publication Wide Walls Pharrell also has an art collection in a penthouse that he owns in Miami. The collection is believed to include work from Takashi Murakami, Daniel Arsham and the famous American artist Keith Haring.

The Best Entertainment Venues in Miami

No doubt when some individuals think of Miami…fun in the sun on the beach, tasty cultural food, and a variety of eccentric night clubs are the first things that come to mind! Miami is known to be the get-a-way destination when relaxation and fun is needed. Here is a list of entertainment venues that everyone must visit when coming to the Buena Vista Miami area!
Good Drinks

Thompson Miami Beach is the place to warm up before the party starts! This hotel built in the 40’s has grown more exquisite over time as they offer guest beachfront ocean views! With this luxury place, you never know when you may enjoy private cabanas and champagne with Miami native Pitbull, Craig Robins, or even Oprah; as they both have been known to stop by!

Good Food

You don’t have to be a celebrity to eat what they eat! Sea bass, duck, filet mignon, and crab cakes are on the menu at The Forge! Explore your taste buds on their diverse dishes! In the meantime, enjoy the upscale and exquisiteness of this contemporary. Here, you never know who you might see! The Forge is a popular restaurant in Miami loved by all!

Good Fun

Private parties, beautiful venue, tasty Miami cuisine, and gorgeous art are just a few things that Nikki Beach can offer visitors and locals! Named one of the “sexiest place on Earth”, whether you are a nine to five worker or a A-list celeb like Jamie Foxx and Colin Ferrell; Nikki Beach can give you the fun and entertainment you’ve been looking for.

Check out these venues and many more! The options are endless when it comes to the Buena Vista Miami! Explore art exhibits, nightlife, late evening yacht parties, and upscale restaurants! Rest assured that you won’t be disappointment by planning a trip to this cultural city!

Review: Guggenheim Abu Dhabi’s 2nd Art Collection

Artistic Creation is being celebrated at the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi art exhibition. The message is that art is an active and living thing. The Creative Act covers the presence, process, and performance and is being held at Manarat Al Saadiyat on Saadiyat Island. Work from over 25 artists from different countries, backgrounds, and generations will be presented.

The exhibition began to come together when the curatorial team of Maisa Al Qassimi, Hillings, Muneera Al Sayegh, Sasha Kalter-Wasserman and Sarah Dwider each made lists of artists they wanted to see presented. They realized how many artists overlapped on these lists and began to identify themes for a performance.

The theme was based on the nature of the artists selected. This included pieces by Anish Kapoor’s whose piece My Red Homeland was made using 25 tons of red wax, Niki de Saint Phalle’s painting of Pterodactyl over New York and Anri Sala’s video of Ravel Ravel Unravel.

West Asian artists are represented in the exhibit with media and geography works that span the course of several decades. Hassan Sharif offers art bridging the sixties to the present and all of the documentation of the late artist from the 1980’s performances are included. Other artists reflect his incredible legacy from Mohammed Kazem to Ebtisam Abdulaziz.

Rasheed Araeen’s Chakras I is highlighted as one of the favorites of the entire cultural team. The original performance dates back to 1970. Sixteen discs painted red were released into London’s Thames River by his friends, various artists and the public. He wanted to document exactly how they would float and photographed the discs as they were floating down the river. Araeen admitted watching the pieces of plastic and wood floating on the water became an obsession. He was enthralled the way the objects drifted because of the wind and the water.

The discs were seen as the city evolving in relation to the migrants arriving from Europe, East Asia, the Caribbean Islands and Africa. These individuals formed clusters and settled into different areas in London. Araeen saw a direct correlation between these individuals and the way the objects in the water moved and rearranged themselves.

The ideas concerning migration will probably resonate with people in the present day. Araeen’s work is an incredibly important reminder that creative achievement can be found through the interdependence of humans. Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Collection Exhibition is reflecting the works of numerous artists of greatness.

Celebrities Visiting the Miami Design District Every Year

There are quite a few different celebrities who make their way to the Miami Design District every year, and they are visiting for a variety of reasons. There are many different places they may come to shop or entertain, and they may be shooting movies and TV when they come to the city. Alicia Keys and Orlando Bloom has attended festivals and openings in the city, and they are looking for a place that will be enjoyable to visit. This article explains how the city is giving celebrities a place to congregate and enjoy shopping and Craig Robins art.

#1: The Design District Is Old and New

The Design District has many different older shops that have stood there for many years. Each of the shops was opened long ago when this tiny District was growing, and it has grown quite a bit since many of these stores opened. The shops that have opened recently are those that will make the district more like a mall, and they are adding a bit of prestige to the area. There is a massive movie theater in the Design District that has opened movies, and it is hosting celebrities who come down for each premiere.

#2: The Premium Shopping Experience

The Design District is a premium shopping experience that all Miamians will enjoy, and it will help them enjoy time out in the sun. The Design District is a fun place to visit for all those who are vacationing, and they may run into a celebrity such as Orlando Bloom when they are walking the strand through the area. They may see TV shows such as Burn Notice were filmed there, and they may notice a number of different places that look familiar from their favorite shows and movies.

#3: The Design District Heritage

There are many shops that have stood the test of time, and they speak to the heritage of the design district that many are in love with. The area is quite a lot of fun to walk through as the visitor will find places that have been there for ages. They may get to know the owners, and they will see something of the history of the city.

There are many people who come to the Design District every year, and they will enjoy shopping for there for a number of different things. They may enjoy the movie theater, and they may see a celebrity or two.

The Incredible Sights of Miami Design District

Miami’s design district sits on the coast just across the Biscayne Bay from Miami Beach. It’s is a hub for contemporary art and high-end shopping. Visitors can get lost in the galleries, designer retailers, and celebrity chef dining that is the Buena Vista neighborhood. The design district is a destination for artists, musicians, chefs, and designers.


39th street is a who’s who of high-end fashion retailers with names like Versace, Kartell, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Armani to start. It’s a chance to browse some of the world’s most iconic names in fashion and spot resident celebrities like Ricky Martin, Craig Robins, Lenny Kravitz, and Matt Damon. You’ll also find the best in designer jewelry at Rolex Boutique, Parmigiani Fleurier, Hublot, Tiffany, and Roberto Coin. Or, come to shop for the home. JANUS deals in luxury outdoor furniture and Waterworks has a showroom here with some of the hottest trends in bathroom design.


There are more than a dozen art galleries in the design district. North Miami Avenue has two of the most popular in the neighborhood. Locust Projects stands out because of its commitment to experimental art. Locust Projects has its own in-house team of collaborators called the Huffer Collective as well as exhibiting work from guest artists. Just up the street, Swampspace is a rough-around-the-edges venue that is quickly gaining appreciation among sophisticated art crowds. This gallery caters mainly to local artists. While you’re in the neighborhood, stop by the Moore Building on 2nd Avenue. The atrium features an installation by London artist and architect Zaha Hadid called ‘Elastika.’


The design district has something on the menu for every type of eater. Some ‘don’t miss’ spots include Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink. Celebrity chef Michael Schwartz shows off his simple and pure style at this farm-to-table restaurant with an open kitchen, wood oven, and locally sourced ingredients. Lemoni’s European style café is a trendy hangout with a vibrant menu offering Moroccan and Mediterranean inspired family recipes with organic ingredients and vegan choices. Romance is in the air at Buena Vista Chocolate & Wine where chocolate making goes back seven generations. They have an amazing selection of fine and vintage wines, champagnes, and luxury chocolates.

The design district in Miami is a lively and trendy uptown neighborhood that attracts artists, architects, and designers. Galleries, boutique restaurants, high fashion and luxury shopping are what you can expect when visiting Buena Vista Miami.

Celebrities That Have Visited the Miami, Florida Design District

The Miami Design District is a popular spot for celebrities to visit. In the heart of Miami’s Design District at the corner of North 43rd and West First Avenue, there are famous people milling about often. Here are a few celebrities that have been sighted in this area.

Craig Robins and David Bromstad

In April, the AIDS Walk meets in the design district. The Grand Marshal, David Bromstad, has been seen in the area during this event and has also participated in area home makeovers. Craig Robins has also made his presence known in this area many times.
The Beautiful and Stylish Kate Hudson

A party by Chrome Hearts attracted Kate Hudson to the Miami Design District. She was wearing a pink noodle suit that was extremely stylish and perfect for this occasion.
The Multi-Talented Zoe Kravitz

The daughter of Lenny Kravitz, Zoe Kravitz, often visits this area. She has a career as an actress, model, and singer. She comes here to advertise what project she is currently working on.
The Famous Model Elle Macpherson

A favorite visitor of the district is the famous model Elle Macpherson. She has the ability to turn many heads when she visits to purchase clothing in the area. She also makes sure to get some quality time in with the many designers in the area.

The Popular and Famous Actor Leonardo DiCaprio

The actor Leonardo DiCaprio from movies like Titanic and Wolves of Wall Street is a frequent visitor to the Miami Design District. He has been known to attend different private parties in the area. His name is often included when discussing who the favorite celebrities to visit the area are. If you are walking through the area, do not be surprised to see him visiting this popular area.

Many popular famous celebrities visit the Miami Design District to enjoy all of the culture of the area. They are all parts of the unique culture of Miami. Visit the area yourself and you might spot one of these celebrities or many others that frequent the area.

Happenings around Montana

Montana has been experiencing a growth in employment and construction over the past year with an additional 900 construction jobs recorded in January and over 1,900 jobs created in the past 12 months. The industry trade reports that Montana experienced the most growth across the country except for Tennessee, which doubled the number of new construction workers. With this new growth and expansion, Montana is expanding in new restaurants are popping up in Montana too.

Jack Hanna, world renowned zookeeper and conservationist, is a native of Montana. As part of his claim to fame, he owned the trendy restaurant called Montana Jacks with his brother, which they founded in the 1990s. The restaurant and bar originally was called the Y Bar and dated back to the 1950s serving post-WWII chromium miners who worked at the Benbow mine.

The Hanna brothers were successful with the restaurant for over 20 years, but sold it in 2010 to Chris Lockhart and Gena Burghoff who had a new trending concept for the place. They had a great following even though the town was small; their menu appealed to the local customers.

In 2014, there was a large decline in businesses in town and many people moved out making Stillwater a proverbial ghost-town. Burghoff and Lockhart decided they would be more successful in a larger town, so they are selling the building to move to Red Lodge. Ox Pasture will be the name of their new establishment, and they have already purchased the building at 7 N. Broadway Ave. as they are looking for an area with a larger population to share their delicious menu under investors Alexia and David Leuschen. Montana Jack’s, in Stillwater Valley, is now up for sale, and the property is listed at $657,500 with Colbert Real Estate.

This restaurant and the surrounding property will make a spectacular location for a chef with a unique culinary talent that will impress the locals of Dean. The building is tremendous at 5,128 square-feet, and it sits on a 2.15-acre lot that is equipped with an events building and facilities for outdoor entertainment; it will make the perfect eatery and/or pub for the just the right owners. When the new owners take over, they continue fall in the heritage of the former owner Jack Hanna, which hold an attraction all of its own. Expansion in Montana and a new eating establishment in Dean is going to make 2017 a wonderful year.