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The Best Entertainment Venues in Miami

No doubt when some individuals think of Miami…fun in the sun on the beach, tasty cultural food, and a variety of eccentric night clubs are the first things that come to mind! Miami is known to be the get-a-way destination when relaxation and fun is needed. Here is a list of entertainment venues that everyone must visit when coming to the Buena Vista Miami area!
Good Drinks

Thompson Miami Beach is the place to warm up before the party starts! This hotel built in the 40’s has grown more exquisite over time as they offer guest beachfront ocean views! With this luxury place, you never know when you may enjoy private cabanas and champagne with Miami native Pitbull, Craig Robins, or even Oprah; as they both have been known to stop by!

Good Food

You don’t have to be a celebrity to eat what they eat! Sea bass, duck, filet mignon, and crab cakes are on the menu at The Forge! Explore your taste buds on their diverse dishes! In the meantime, enjoy the upscale and exquisiteness of this contemporary. Here, you never know who you might see! The Forge is a popular restaurant in Miami loved by all!

Good Fun

Private parties, beautiful venue, tasty Miami cuisine, and gorgeous art are just a few things that Nikki Beach can offer visitors and locals! Named one of the “sexiest place on Earth”, whether you are a nine to five worker or a A-list celeb like Jamie Foxx and Colin Ferrell; Nikki Beach can give you the fun and entertainment you’ve been looking for.

Check out these venues and many more! The options are endless when it comes to the Buena Vista Miami! Explore art exhibits, nightlife, late evening yacht parties, and upscale restaurants! Rest assured that you won’t be disappointment by planning a trip to this cultural city!

Review: Guggenheim Abu Dhabi’s 2nd Art Collection

Artistic Creation is being celebrated at the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi art exhibition. The message is that art is an active and living thing. The Creative Act covers the presence, process, and performance and is being held at Manarat Al Saadiyat on Saadiyat Island. Work from over 25 artists from different countries, backgrounds, and generations will be presented.

The exhibition began to come together when the curatorial team of Maisa Al Qassimi, Hillings, Muneera Al Sayegh, Sasha Kalter-Wasserman and Sarah Dwider each made lists of artists they wanted to see presented. They realized how many artists overlapped on these lists and began to identify themes for a performance.

The theme was based on the nature of the artists selected. This included pieces by Anish Kapoor’s whose piece My Red Homeland was made using 25 tons of red wax, Niki de Saint Phalle’s painting of Pterodactyl over New York and Anri Sala’s video of Ravel Ravel Unravel.

West Asian artists are represented in the exhibit with media and geography works that span the course of several decades. Hassan Sharif offers art bridging the sixties to the present and all of the documentation of the late artist from the 1980’s performances are included. Other artists reflect his incredible legacy from Mohammed Kazem to Ebtisam Abdulaziz.

Rasheed Araeen’s Chakras I is highlighted as one of the favorites of the entire cultural team. The original performance dates back to 1970. Sixteen discs painted red were released into London’s Thames River by his friends, various artists and the public. He wanted to document exactly how they would float and photographed the discs as they were floating down the river. Araeen admitted watching the pieces of plastic and wood floating on the water became an obsession. He was enthralled the way the objects drifted because of the wind and the water.

The discs were seen as the city evolving in relation to the migrants arriving from Europe, East Asia, the Caribbean Islands and Africa. These individuals formed clusters and settled into different areas in London. Araeen saw a direct correlation between these individuals and the way the objects in the water moved and rearranged themselves.

The ideas concerning migration will probably resonate with people in the present day. Araeen’s work is an incredibly important reminder that creative achievement can be found through the interdependence of humans. Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Collection Exhibition is reflecting the works of numerous artists of greatness.

The Incredible Sights of Miami Design District

Miami’s design district sits on the coast just across the Biscayne Bay from Miami Beach. It’s is a hub for contemporary art and high-end shopping. Visitors can get lost in the galleries, designer retailers, and celebrity chef dining that is the Buena Vista neighborhood. The design district is a destination for artists, musicians, chefs, and designers.


39th street is a who’s who of high-end fashion retailers with names like Versace, Kartell, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Armani to start. It’s a chance to browse some of the world’s most iconic names in fashion and spot resident celebrities like Ricky Martin, Craig Robins, Lenny Kravitz, and Matt Damon. You’ll also find the best in designer jewelry at Rolex Boutique, Parmigiani Fleurier, Hublot, Tiffany, and Roberto Coin. Or, come to shop for the home. JANUS deals in luxury outdoor furniture and Waterworks has a showroom here with some of the hottest trends in bathroom design.


There are more than a dozen art galleries in the design district. North Miami Avenue has two of the most popular in the neighborhood. Locust Projects stands out because of its commitment to experimental art. Locust Projects has its own in-house team of collaborators called the Huffer Collective as well as exhibiting work from guest artists. Just up the street, Swampspace is a rough-around-the-edges venue that is quickly gaining appreciation among sophisticated art crowds. This gallery caters mainly to local artists. While you’re in the neighborhood, stop by the Moore Building on 2nd Avenue. The atrium features an installation by London artist and architect Zaha Hadid called ‘Elastika.’


The design district has something on the menu for every type of eater. Some ‘don’t miss’ spots include Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink. Celebrity chef Michael Schwartz shows off his simple and pure style at this farm-to-table restaurant with an open kitchen, wood oven, and locally sourced ingredients. Lemoni’s European style café is a trendy hangout with a vibrant menu offering Moroccan and Mediterranean inspired family recipes with organic ingredients and vegan choices. Romance is in the air at Buena Vista Chocolate & Wine where chocolate making goes back seven generations. They have an amazing selection of fine and vintage wines, champagnes, and luxury chocolates.

The design district in Miami is a lively and trendy uptown neighborhood that attracts artists, architects, and designers. Galleries, boutique restaurants, high fashion and luxury shopping are what you can expect when visiting Buena Vista Miami.

Art Galleries to Visit in the UAE

The Emirates have a long tradition for art, and there are quite a lot of places to go when in the country. Each new Emirate has its own art community, and everyone visiting the area must have a look at art in the region. This article offers up four art galleries to visit, and each of them will be quite a lot of fun to view as a collector, patron or enthusiast.

#1: N2N Gallery
N2N Gallery is a modern art gallery started by two Ukrainians who are bringing modern art and realism to Abu Dhabi. The gallery sits in the heart of the city where it features art that is beautiful to behold. There are quite a few collectors passing through every day, and there are several different people who are buying to fill their collections in the gallery.

#2: Etihad Modern Art
Etihad Modern Art carries quite a lot of modern art, and they have the feeling of an art gallery from centuries ago. The gallery is a place where everyone may get lost in the art scene, and it helps the people who are looking for a way to add to their traditional gallery.

#3: Salwa Zeidan
Salwa Zeidan is a lovely gallery featuring one of the top artists in the city. She has built a brand of her own, and it is a brand that reminds the city it may be quite progressive. She is attempting to grow her art brand by selling to customers who want to see something that is unique in its perspective. She knows it is possible to change the landscape of the art community, and she is doing so every day with her creations.

#4: Ghaf Gallery
Ghaf is the oldest on the list, and it serves as a reminder of how the community has changed over the years. It was the first to carry major modern art, and it still have a robust business that is quite a lot of fun to look through. Anyone visiting the city must ensure they have visited the gallery to see what lies in store for them on its walls.

There are several beautiful galleries in the city showcasing both global and Emirati art that will bring art and passion together in the same room. Traveling to the UAE is a lovely experience for everyone, and the art found in the region will open the eyes of every viewer.

Activities at The Frick Collection

The Frick Collection, a museum on the Upper East Side in New York City, originally the house of Henry Clay Frick, opened to the public with it’s current art collection in 1935.  The Frick Collection offers many different activities for the public to engage in besides just visiting the general museum. Including: Lectures and Talks, Private Dinners, Concerts, Salon Evenings, and many other different programs which can all be found on The Frick Collection’s website.

Lectures and Talks

There are various lectures and talks that are offered at the museum most of them free with museum admission. The talks range from “Henry Clay Frick and His Collection” which gives an overview of the museum to, “Andrea del Sarto: The Tailor’s Son and the Making of Masterpieces,” Julian Brooks, The J. Paul Getty Museum which focus on explaining specific art pieces in the museum. With the talks changing every day it is easy in a short time learn about the different pieces in the collection and become your own private art curator.

Private Dinners

The famous Frick’s Autumn Dinner is one of the most sought after experiences at the collection, boasting a guest list of the different Manhattan elite. The guest list included various big names from the Upper East Side: Kim G. Davis (the host of the dinner), Frederick Beinecke (Antaeus Enterprises), and David Leuschen (co-founder of Riverstone Holdings) to name a few of the attendees of the dinner.  Various other dinners are hosted throughout the year to allow a select few to be able to dine with famous portraits.

Student Programs

The Frick Collection believes that education and students are the future of spreading artistic knowledge which is why Frick focuses so heavily on student programs. Some of the student programs that they host include: Wednesday Night Sketch, Sculpture for the Studiolo, and Undressing the Renaissance. These programs include various speakers and interactive activities that promote the interest and knowledge of art.

Whether it be attending the lectures, the private dinners, or the various student programs The Frick Collection has an event that will interest all ages and all different people. So be sure the next time you are in Manhattan to go head to The Frick Collection and visit an Art History 101 talk or dine next to Picasso.