Three Steps to Becoming a Private Art Collector in Miami

Collecting art has been a passion for many art lovers, stretching back generations, from early Greek vase lovers to modern connoisseurs of 20th century art. Many celebrities have art collections of their own including George Lindemann Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio, and even Beyonce and Jay-Z, who have even been spotted at the Art Basel Miami in recent years. Obviously, becoming a well-known art collector in Miami will not happen overnight, but by following a few basic steps lets one start enjoying a beautiful art collection of your own.

1. Research

Art is a serious hobby. The topic is incredibly broad, and even experts in a given field rarely claim they know everything. That said, those who want to collect art usually have a certain type, era, or style that speaks to them the most. The first step for a collector is to learn as much as possible about that their favorite art, in order to understand the relative value of each piece they will see, and be able to converse easily with other collectors.

2. Understand Your Own Objectives

Everyone will have their own reasons for wanting to become an art collector. Some do it out of passion, others see it as an investment opportunity. Those who are thinking about it in terms of an investment need to take time before starting out to develop a strong business plan, budget, and objectives.

3. Network

Networking is not just critical for business, it is also an essential piece of the art world’s fabric. George Lindemann may be one of the best-known art collectors in South Florida, but there are many others as well, and several galleries and museums where people can learn more about famous and desirable pieces. Wynwood and the Design District may be among the best-known but the entire city now is filled with galleries and shows. Events and galleries are also opportunities to mingle and learn from the stars of the Miami art collection scene. Many new collectors will use their networks to host a debut show then they are ready to join the scene.

Pulling It All Together

Miami is a city steeped in beautiful art, making it a great place for new and aspiring art lovers. The important thing is to know not just about the art world but also one’s own objectives in growing the collection. Afterwards, the best thing is to get out and make it happen.